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A Night of Worship


11 Tracks
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Titles: There’s Nothing Better; I’d Rather Have Jesus; More Than Anything; What He’s Done; He’s Been Faithful – The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir feat. TaRanda Greene; For My Good – The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir feat. Alvin Slaughter; You Have Been Good; I Will Not Fear; Keep Me in the Moment; He’s Holding You – The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir feat. TaRanda Greene; I Speak Jesus

Created By: Carol Cymbala

Artist/Arranger Name: Carol Cymbala, J. Daniel Smith, Chris McDonald, Jim Hammerly and Bradley Knight

Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs. Psalms 100:2

Since the 1970s, The Brooklyn Tabernacle has been a beacon of light in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, under the leadership of Pastor Jim and Carol Cymbala. Staying true to their gifts, Jim is an inspiring pastor and delivers the Gospel message through weekly sermons as well as via books and other Bible study materials, while Carol passionately leads the worship ministry. For years, the legendary singers and musicians at The Brooklyn Tabernacle have provided a solid foundation and led the way for the spoken words of the pastor through their dynamic ministry of worship and praise. And their worship is contagious. The resounding soundof this musical force is complemented by the worshipful congregation who freely offers their praise to God, uniting the entire body. THIS is The Brooklyn Tabernacle.

Their newest album release is an 11-song worship experience that captures what the people of The Brooklyn Tabernacle participate in week after week. ‘A Night of Worship with The Brooklyn Tabernacle’ includes several songs already familiar to Christian music listeners, as well as new songs written or co-written by Carol Cymbala for The Brooklyn Tabernacle. One can’t help but join in and worship along with them, which is exactly what this album seeks to do – truly lead in worship just as they do week in and week out at The Brooklyn Tabernacle.

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