Miracle In a Manger


5 Tracks

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Titles: Hallelujah, He Is Born; Miracle in a Manger; Holding Her Baby Boy; Christ in Us; The Greatest Gift

Created By: Tim Lovelace

Arranged & Orchestrated By: Camp Kirkland, Cliff Duren, Phil Nitz

“A miracle moment comes like none in history with the birth that would give life to the world. A manger that had been used to nourish animals now held the Bread of Life for all mankind. The Divine was now a baby boy whom Mary tenderly held in her arms. She was embracing the embodiment of love.   She was holding our Salvation as she held the Prince of Peace.

The manger held the Hope of Heaven. Mary held her baby, Jesus. We hold the precious promise that He lives in every heart that has called upon His beautiful name. Christ in us, the Hope of Glory!

In this exciting Christmas season, we have the joyous opportunity to declare His love. This life-giving gift is far too wonderful to keep it to ourselves! We have to tell it, we have to live it, we have to give the Greatest Gift of Christmas to the world!”

-Tim Lovelace

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