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Timeless Classics (Song We Love to Sing)


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TitlesPower in the Blood; At the Cross; Glad Reunion Day; Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus; The Gloryland Way; More About Jesus; The Blood Medley; Softly and Tenderly; I Must Tell Jesus; Heaven Medley

Created By: Geron Davis and Aaron Minick

Artist/Arranger Name: Geron Davis and Aaron Minick

These timeless classics have been favorite hymns of the Church for decades. These are songs of faith put to memorable melodies that will ring out in our hearts for ages to come. Songs of ancestry yet songs we teach to our children’s children. You will not only enjoy hearing gospel artists sing various solos, you will also enjoy singing along with quality background tracks and professional musicians as you sing the solo. This collection is perfect for leading worship with a choir or small group. Whether you are alone in the car or
joining with the congregation, these are truly songs you will love to sing.


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9781642882674Choral Book$9.99
TC-001-102Listening CD$13.99
TC-001-103Accompaniment CD$95.00
TC-001-104Promo Pack (Book/Listening CD) Limit: 1 per customer$15.00
614187058954Full Album Bulk (Sleeve Only)$69.99
TC-001-105Soprano Rehearsal CD$5.99
TC-001-106Alto Rehearsal CD$5.99
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TC-001-108Bass Rehearsal CD$5.99
TC-002-101Downloadable Choral Book$9.99
TC-002-102Downloadable Listening Tracks$13.99
TC-002-103Downloadable Accompaniment Tracks$95.00
TC-002-109Downloadable Stem Tracks$225.00
TC-002-108Downloadable Orchestration$300.00
TC-002-104Downloadable Soprano Rehearsal$5.99
TC-002-105Downloadable Alto Rehearsal$5.99
TC-002-106Downloadable Tenor Rehearsal$5.99
TC-002-107Downloadable Bass Rehearsal$5.99