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This is Your Kingdom


Words and Music: Sue C. Smith, David Moffitt and Travis Cottrell

Arranged by: Travis Cottrell

Orchestrated By: David Hamilton

This new modern worship hymn for Christmas was originally recorded on the Travis Cottrell project – This is Christmas. This powerful song, written by Sue C. Smith, David Moffitt and Travis Cottrell, has been orchestrated by the incomparable David Hamilton.

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614187125953Anthem Accompaniment CD$26.99
614187126059Downloadable Anthem$2.10
614187126158Downloadable Listening Demo$1.29
614187126257Downloadable Split/Stereo Track Accompaniment (Includes regular version and orchestral version)$26.99
614187126356Downloadable Soprano Rehearsal Track$1.29
614187126455Downloadable Alto Rehearsal Track$1.29
614187126554Downloadable Tenor Rehearsal Track$1.29
614187126653Downloadable Bass Rehearsal Track$1.29
614187126752Downloadable Orchestration$69.99
614187126851Downloadable Rhythm Charts (Rhythm, String Reduction and Chord Chart)$19.99
614187126950Downloadable Stem Tracks (Multi Tracks)$34.99
614187125854 - MDownloadable Video Accompaniment Tracks (Click-track and Split-track version)$34.99