Run to the Hope


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Titles: A Thrill of Hope Medley with O Holy Night, A Thrill of Hope, God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen, Away in a Manger; My Father in Heaven; Meeting Us There; Run to the Hope; Jesus Messiah, Our Blessed Hope; Run to the Hope Reprise

Arranged & Orchestrated By: Cliff Duren, Phillip Keveren, Phil Nitz, and Jay Rouse
Created By: Karen Peck, Lee Black, and Mike Harland

Daywind Publishing musical, Run To The Hope provides a call and an invitation to your congregation this Christmas season. The stirring opening chorus of “O Holy Night,” reminds listeners that the story of Jesus’ birth is all about “the thrill of hope” to a dark and weary world. Powerful narration weaves together familiar carols with accessible new songs, including the tender ballad “My Father in Heaven (Mary’s Song)” and the exciting title song that reminds us that like the shepherds we are urged to go quickly and find the newborn king. A new modern hymn, “Jesus Messiah Our Blessed Hope,” closes the musical by echoing Isaiah’s message that even though we have walked in darkness, Christ’s coming has brought light to the world, both 2000 years ago and today!

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