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We are excited to release the official Charity Gayle Choral Collection of “Rejoice.” These 13 dynamic worship songs come from Charity’s heart to worship God through modern worship and gospel music.  Combine these powerful arrangements with stellar orchestrations from Bradley Knight and you have an unbelievable choral collection for your church choir, orchestra and band.  

Titles: Rejoice; Come Alive; You Keep Your Promises; I Believe; Because of Jesus; Nothing But the Blood; Name Above All Names; You Are Glorious; Better; Sweetest Name I Know; This is My Story; Seed of Faith; Report of the Lord

Choir Vocals Adapted by Bradley Knight

Orchestrated by Bradley Knight

-Four of the titles are 1/2 step lower than the original record.  Those titles are: I Believe, Come Alive, Because of Jesus and Seed Of Faith.  Your choir will appreciate the 1/2 step, especially your tenors. All tracks and stems reflect this to match the choral book.  Enjoy!


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614187121757Choral Book$9.99
614187121856Listening CD$12.99
614187121955Accompaniment CD$97.99
614187122051Full Album Bulk (Sleeve Only)$59.99
614187122150Promo Pack (Book/Listening CD) Limit: 1 per customer$12.00
614187122259Soprano Rehearsal CD$5.99
614187122358Alto Rehearsal CD$5.99
614187122457Tenor Rehearsal CD$5.99
614187122556Bass Rehearsal CD$5.99
614187122655Downloadable Choral Book$9.99
614187122754Downloadable Listening Tracks$12.99
614187122853Downloadable Split Tracks$97.99
614187122952Downloadable Soprano Rehearsal$5.99
614187123058Downloadable Alto Rehearsal$5.99
614187123157Downloadable Tenor Rehearsal$5.99
614187123256Downloadable Bass Rehearsal$5.99
614187123355Downloadable Orchestration$375.00
614187123454Downloadable Rhythm Charts (Rhythm, Chord Charts and String Reduction)$125.00
614187123553Downloadable Stem Tracks$300.00