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New Southern Favorites Vol. 1


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Titles: Good Morning Mercy; Given, Buried, Risen; Answer is Jesus; The 99; God is Real; The God I Serve; Once Upon a Cross; He Walked Out; If You Knew Him; Keep On Keepin’ On; The First Church of Mercy; Rolled Back Stone

Arranged & Orchestrated by: Cliff Duren, Marty Hamby, Russell Mauldin, Phil Nitz, Wayne Haun and Steve Mauldin

Daywind Worship is proud to introduce to you New Southern Gospel Favorites Vol.1.  Whether you listen to these songs on traditional radio or from a streaming app radio station like “The Tree Radio ™”, you will find these chart-topping songs being played.  This new inspiring collection delivers 12 of the best-loved tunes in Southern Gospel Music today.  These songs have been made popular by Jason Crabb, Karen Peck & New River, The Lefevre Quartet, Greater Vision, Legacy 5, Ernie Haas & Signature Sound, The Mark Trammell Trio, Triumphant Quartet, The Sound and The Perry’s.  Twelve spectacular songs from these top artists compiled in one affordable collection is an incredible choir and orchestra resource for your choir library.

This invaluable choir and orchestra resource has been remarkably arranged by Cliff Duren, Marty Hamby, Russell Mauldin, Phil Nitz, Wayne Haun and Steve Mauldin for any size choir.  Use your orchestra or the fully orchestrated accompaniment tracks to enhance your Sunday morning choir special. This is the best resource in choral music for today’s Top Southern Gospel Radio Hits.


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614187096758Downloadable Stem Tracks - (note-Stem Files are not available for If You Knew Him and Once Upon a Cross. Those two tracks were original artist masters and we do not have Stem mixes). Enjoy the other 10 fully produced Stem Files within this product. $250.00