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My King is Known By Love


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Titles: Glorious Day Medley; The Chosen One; My King is Known By Love; Thank You Jesus for the Blood; Messiah Overcame; Resurrection Medley.  Bonus Songs for Holy Week: Come to the Table; What the Soldiers Didn’t See.

Arranged & Orchestrated By: Russell Mauldin
Created By: Sue C. Smith, Lee Black, Jason Cox, Russell Mauldin & Johnathan Crumpton

The Worship Ready Series introduces its latest Easter Musical with world renowned arranger, Russell Mauldin. This Ready-to-Learn and Easy-to-Sing SATB 35-minute Easter musical is perfect for the small-to-medium size church choir. Dove Award-Winning writers Sue C. Smith, Lee Black & Jason Cox have created dynamic new songs which combined with the new Easter favorites “My King Is Known by Love (recorded by the Crabb Family), Messiah Overcame (recorded by Karen Peck and New River) and Thank You Jesus for the Blood (recorded by Charity Gayle) will bring your Easter season alive as you celebrate our reason Savior and King.

There are two production options for this powerful Easter resource.  The first option presents a stirring worshipful presentation by using the Easter Musical Sequence.  This is a Worship Ready 30-minute presentation with Narration.  The second option presents a Holy Week outline if you choose to use this Easter resource throughout the Easter season.  Whichever way you decide to retell the Easter story, we pray that your church and community will be blessed and reminded of the love poured out for us at Calvary by the King of Love – Jesus!

Whether you use the DVD accompaniment track or the audio split-track CD, this vocally attainable musical will celebrate the resurrection of our Savior and King. (DVD Track Includes DVD and the .MOV Files to use with your favorite media software).

Note- Audio Stem Files are being Edited for Quality Control and will be available soon!

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