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Keep On Keeping On


Words and Music: Lee Black, Ernie Haase and Sue C. Smith
Arranged and Orchestrated: Cliff Duren


This southful song originally recorded by Ernie Haase & Signature Sound is the first single from their newest project “Keeping On.” Cliff Duren’s soulful arrangement delivers a must-have anthem for your church choir. This #1 Southern Gospel radio song was written by Sue C. Smith, Lee Black and Ernie Haase to deliver an encouraging song and reminder that when we are weak and weary, God is strong and faithful!

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614187009550Split Track Accompaniment CD$24.99
614187009659Downloadable Anthem$1.99
614187009758Downloadable Listening Track$1.29
614187009857Downloadable Split-Track Accompaniment$24.99
614187009956Downloadable Soprano Rehearsal Track$1.29
614187010051Downloadable Alto Rehearsal Track$1.29
614187010150Downloadable Tenor Rehearsal Track$1.29
614187010259Downloadable Bass Rehearsal Track$1.29
614187010358Downloadable Orchestration$69.99
614187010457Downloadable Stem Tracks$49.99