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How Great Thou Art (Until That Day)


Words by: Stuart Hine, Music based on Swedish folk melody adapted by Stuart Hine

New Words and Music by: Matt Redman and Mitch Wong

Arranged & Orchestrated By: Cliff Duren

Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of “How Great Thou Art,” this new version features 16 artists invited by Matt Redman. In this powerful new version, Matt Redman and Mitch Wong were commissioned to write a new verse of the hymn highlighting how believers can engage in hope and faith in the midst of a broken world.

How Great Thou Art is one of the world’s most loved hymns, so it was a huge privilege being invited to write a new section for this 75th anniversary version. My co-writer Mitch Wong and I were keen in this new lyric to acknowledge the reality of the broken and warring world we live in – but then to sing with faith and hope over that. I loved seeing the song come to life in the recording moment – with 16 friends, some of the most wonderful worship leaders and artists around, joining together in the studio. Best of all, the entire proceeds – wherever this song is sung or listened to – will benefit The Stuart Hine Trust CIO bringing humanitarian relief in Eastern Europe.  -Matt Redman

Daywind Worship has the matching anthem to the original multi-artist recording.  Thanks to Cliff Duren for making a singable worship choir arrangement.


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