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Hallelujah! He’s Alive


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Titles: Praise God, He’s Alive; Living Hope; This Blood with Nothing But the Blood; At the Cross (Love Ran Red); Hallelujah! He’s Alive

Arranged & Orchestrated By: Michael Frazier
Created By: Michael Frazier & Johnathan Crumpton

The Go Sing Series is thrilled to release its first Easter musical entitled Hallelujah! He’s Alive. This easy-to-sing and easy-to-learn 25-Minute Easter celebration has been created for the 2-3 part choir by veteran arranger Michael Frazier. This dynamic musical is filled with Southern Gospel and worship favorites to create a perfect blend for your Easter celebration. From the opening song “Praise God, He’s Alive,” to the modern worship hymn “Living Hope,” your choir and church will be reminded of the hope we have in Jesus Christ through the sacrifice He made at the cross. And just as He was resurrected on that third day, we also have the hope that we will be resurrected with Him, along with all the saints who have gone before us, when Christ returns for His children someday. No more sin, no more pain, no more sorrow… that is the hope we have in being with our Lord and Savior one day in our heavenly home.


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