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Back to the Garden


11 Tracks
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Titles: Rejoice; Lord, We Love You; What a Love; Back to the Garden; You Have Made Me Glad;He Must Be in the House; Speak to the Mountains; The name With What a Beautiful Name; Taste and See; He Forgave Me; Jesus is Coming Back

Created By: Geron Davis, Trey Ivey and Dusty Wilson

Artist/Arranger Name: Geron Davis and Trey Ivey

From SpiritSound Music comes a new collection of powerful songs and arrangements from some of Christian music’s finest! Featuring brand new songs from writers such as Tim Hill, Geron Davis, Charity Gayle, Ryan Kennedy, Jordan Felize, just to name a few! This collection really has it all –

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9781642882681Choral Book$11.99
BTTG-001-102Listening CD$13.99
BTTG-001-103Accompaniment CD$95.00
BTTG-001-104Promo Pack (Book/Listening CD) Limit: 1 per customer$15.00
614187058855Full Album Bulk (Sleeve Only)$69.99
BTTG-001-105Soprano Rehearsal CD$5.99
BTTG-001-106Alto Rehearsal CD$5.99
BTTG-001-107Tenor Rehearsal CD$5.99
BTTG-001-108Bass Rehearsal CD$5.99
BTTG-002-101Downloadable Choral Book$11.99
BTTG-002-102Downloadable Listening Tracks$13.99
BTTG-002-109Downloadable Stem Tracks$250.00
BTTG-002-103Downloadable Accompaniment Tracks$95.00
BTTG-002-108Downloadable Orchestration$350.00
BTTG-002-104Downloadable Soprano Rehearsal$5.99
BTTG-002-105Downloadable Alto Rehearsal$5.99
BTTG-002-106Downloadable Tenor Rehearsal$5.99
BTTG-002-107Downloadable Bass Rehearsal$5.99